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Welcome to The Joy and Truth Christian Ministry.

Welcome to Joy and Truth Christian Ministries where sharing the TRUTH of Jesus Christ shall give you JOY.

Our vision is to promote non-discriminatory Christian brotherliness among Christians of ALL backgrounds. We believe that the holy truths of God that are entrusted to the Christian faith are not limited to any particular denomination or group. And our specific objectives include:

* Encouraging Christians to be more united, sharing issues of the faith with Christians from other denominational backgrounds not with an air of superiority but in the humble spirit of Christ. (Philippians ch. 2 vs. 2).

* Encouraging laymen Christians to live as worthy witnesses of the gospel wherever they are. (Ephesians ch. 4 vs. 1).

* Encouraging deeper commitments to prayer,   intercession and prophecy. (Ephesians ch. 6 vs. 18;  1st Corinthians ch. 14).

* Encouraging Christians to be more firmly committed to acts of benevolence as a fundamental element of the Christian faith. (Galatians ch. 6 vs. 10).

 . .  . and lot's more.


January 09, 2010

January 09, 2010