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Joy and Truth Christian Ministry

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TEACH THEM to obey everything I have commanded you. And I will be with you always, to the end of the age.” (Matthew 28: 20)


The Joy and Truth Christian Ministry is a TEACHING and INTERCESSORY mission. We are not a local congregation or church denomination. Our members come from various denominational backgrounds and our sole focus is to TEACH The Tie That Bindsobedience to the Word of Christ within His global body.

The vision of the Joy and Truth Christian Ministry is to promote the unity of faith and of the Spirit amongst Christians from all backgrounds.

At Joy and Truth, we work together with ministers, church leaders, and the everyday Christian that you meet on the streets and in your places of work and leisure to publish the word of God. Our publishing imprint, goes by the name “Baal Hamon Publishers”. Indeed, many Christians are very positive that “Baal” is the name of a false god in the Bible. We do not dispute, we toWorship That Pleases Godo were at first taken aback  when God led us to choose the name “Baal Hamon” for our publishing imprint. But when we searched out the meaning of the name, we found from several Bible dictionaries that “Baal Hamon” from Songs of Solomon 8: 11 means the “place of a multitude”, or “ruler of a multitude” or “possessor of a multitude” and that it applies more to a PLACE and not a deity, and then we were delighted to follow the divine leading.

Today, Baal Hamon Publishers is transforming into an international publishing firm of good repute. We started out in 2006 and now operate in three countries – the United Kingdom (for Europe and Asia), Nigeria (for Africa) and the United States (for North and South America). In these seven years, we have managed to publish very excellent Christian materials for pastors and Christian leaders from around the world, including a retired Take Me Home Windriderprofessor of theology (who is a Baptist minister), a pastor of the First Christian Church, a Lutheran Pastor, and another retired Baptist pastor who had been the president of the College of Chaplains for all Australia.

For the last quarter of 2013, our guiding scripture is Psalm 68: 11 “The Lord gave the word;  thousands called out the good news” (The Message version).

We are therefore presently recruiting thousands of “Life Peers” and “Partners” who would help us publicise our messages and books. We have 5,000 slots for the Life Peer group and 50,000 slots for the partners group.

Kindly follow the links below to consider the details of the requirements and benefits of being either a Life Peer or Partner of Joy Truth.

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Every blessing!

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