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Life Peerage of the Joy and Truth Christian Ministry
"The Lord gave the word: great was the company of those that published it. (Psalm 68: 11)

Thank you for your interest in the Life Peerage of the Joy and Truth Christian Ministry.

Our Life Peerage are open Christians who support our ministry by providing:

1) A prayer commitment to intercede at least on a specific day of each month for our ministry and for the people to whom we reach out.

2) An evaluation and feedback on our teaching materials as well as books published under our imprint - Baal Hamon Publishers.

3) Assistance in publicizing such teaching materials and books by sharing our publishing lists on their websites, blogs and social media.

The Life Peerage is one step above our Partnership commitment.  A Partner does NOT need to refer our materials and books to any minimum number of persons in order to enjoy our partnership benefits for a two-year period. A Life Peer, on the other hand, is a partner who must have directly referred our core six-book pack to a minimum of twenty (20) people and also indicated interest in intercession for us, and with us, on a specific date of the month.

The Life Peer's benefits includes six (6) free books per year from our imprint for the first two years, and then four (4) free books per year for life.

To become a Life Peer, first check that you are willing to make the commitment highlighted above, and then proceed to the page for our initial six-book pack to download sample chapters of the books and/or place your order for them.

For further information about the Life Peerage, please email us at

Books from Joy and Truth

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